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The Voxby advantages

 Voxby – your complete voice solution. Whether local or global, Voxby connects you for less.

  • Voxby for your home and business!
    Voxby offers you quality telephone service at a fraction of the price of
    your traditional phone service. Quit overpaying and start saving today.

  • Voxby Choice: choose the plan that suites your lifestyle
    Worldwide calling plans, low international rates, and more countries than ever.
    Choose the plan options that suit your lifestyle.

  • Voxby convenience: expand the capability of your phone
Voxby customers may call from one Voxby phone to another anywhere in the World for no charge,
due to the fact that the call doesn't need to go through the traditional long distance carrier network.

This call will travel directly from one customer to another over the Internet. At Voxby, we feel that the ability to connect all of our customers on the networdk for no additional charge is another great reason fro adopting our service.

An example of this would be a customer purchasing two service plans in the USA then sending it to a family member in India( with high speed Internet connection). This would allow Unlimited calling between the two phones at no charge!*

Still Considering? - Listen to our 1 minute overview
  • Call forwarding
  • Speed Dial
  • Do not disturb
  • Caller ID block
  • Call waiting
  • Call transfer
  • Call return
  • Voicemail with e-mail notification
  • Find Me Follow Me
  • 3-way calling
  • Black list
  • Anonymous call rejection
  • Wake up call
  • Extension dialing
  • Repeat dialing
  • Additional Line
  • Toll free number
  • Soft Phones
  • Virtual numbers
  • Fax Line

  • View your account details 24/7
    • control all your calls
    • access your voice mail by Internet or phone
    • manage your monthly charge
    • update your own service and it's all as easy as checking your e-mail.
  • Keep your existing phone number, choose your own area code, or both!
    • There's no need to change numbers. Avoid the hassle, and instead spend the time enjoying your new service with Voxby.

* Please, note that International restrictions may limit/restrict the use of certain communicatons methods in some countries. Please, check with the countries present laws and restrictions.

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