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Basic $9.95 Basic $9.95

Save hundreds of dollars this year. The Basic service plan is the perfect plan for working families and those who require a home service in addition to cell phones and email. This plan offers all the features of our premium plans without the cost.

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Voxby built this plan with the philosophy based that our customers should not pay for what they do not use.
With a USA calling rate of just 2.5 cents per minute and great Voxby International Rates, it is still the most competitive monthly service offered in the market today. Due to the competitive nature of this plan we require the one time subsidized purchase of the adapter hardware (from $55.00) when this plan is ordered.

Additional Options

Hardware purchase is offered with 3 payment options
  • Complete purchase at time of order $55.00
  • 6 monthly payments of $10.00
  • 11 monthly payments of $6.00

With the lowest one time activation fee of $9.95, we think you will agree this is a service that will save hundreds of dollars a year.

A basic yet full featured phone service for customers that need a home phone with basic usage.
All USA minutes charged at a very low rate $0.025 per minute
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