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Wireless VoIP

Voxby Wireless Services
Voxby is committed to bringing you all of the latest technologies today.
Voxby Wireless VoIP service maintains our traditional high quality and allows users to call from anywhere in the world where they have access to a wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi).

With Voxby Wireless you may
* Place and receive calls
* Call from anywhere in the world with the same rates as you would call from your home area
* No roaming charges, no wires!

As one of the few companies to offer wireless VoIP handsets and technologies in the market today, we feel confident that our
customers will soon be utilizing their Voxby service from around the country and the world.

Today we offer two modifications of Wireless hardware:

Prestige 2000W VoIP Wi-Fi Phone UTStarcom F1000 VoIP Wi-Fi Phone

The offer is available with all our plans.
Get a discount of $60 below the wholesale price when you sign up for any Unlimited Plan.

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