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Still Considering?

I will be giving a brief description of our phone service and how it works to save money for you.

Voxby will save you over $300.00 a year on you current traditional phone bill even on your basic service!

Voice over ip is a technology that has been saving businesses millions of dollars for many years now, with its high quality, ease of use and very low cost.

The great news is, that is available to any one with a high speed internet connection today.

Use the service as you have always used your phone; keep your current phone and even your number.

With included new features like:
  • Email notification of voicemail
  • Free in network calls any where in the world
  • Caller id
  • Three ways calling,
  • and many more free features

Simply choose the calling plan that works for you and complete the order form.
You will receive your telephone adaptor within 7 to 10days.

Once you have received it. You will simply spend 40 seconds to PLUG AND TALK.

Questions? - 1-800-219-6993 - we are here to help
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